Vehicle Analytics

Never let traffic violators’ speed away using our efficient traffic monitoring and tracking system.

It isn’t humanly possible to track that vehicles are following traffic rules without an automated system.

Augle A.I.’s traffic management system is designed to track, monitor and analyze vehicle movements on road.

It optimizes the tedious manual processes by measuring real time traffic density and vehicle count.

License plates are identified and captured from still images, live or pre-recorded videos despite high speed, and low light conditions.

  • License Plate Recognition: Detects and logs license plates of moving or stationary vehicles. It sends real time alerts for wanted license plates.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Enhances security by identifying potential threats by tracking vehicles across multiple cameras and locations. 
  • Law enforcement: Increases road safety by providing real time alerts for traffic violations, and overcrowding. 
  • Traffic management: Enables informed decision making on traffic management, traffic flow by getting more done with fewer resources.  
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