Migrate to paperless.

The business processes are slow and inefficient involving monotonous tasks like reading hundreds of forms and manually typing the data.

Augle A.I.’s efficient Optical Character Recognition program automates this process by running alongside the standardized banking system.

It reads characters off scanned documents using our Browser Extension, and eliminates the need to manually fill forms by auto-filling it.

  • Efficient Management: Speed up the process of account opening by reading hand-filled documents and text extraction. It also enables fast retrieval of data.

  • Reduce errors: Minimize the risk of entering inaccurate or wrong details and also eliminate the problem of data loss. 

  • Storage: Take the paperless approach with OCR by maintaining a copy of the scanned documents including forms and identity proofs on a centralized system.

  • Security: Avoid mishandling or stealing of documents by scanning and storing them digitally and limiting the access to it.

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