Face Recognition

Face recognition technology is transforming the way we interact with the surroundings.

Businesses are faced with complicated tasks and issues related to the safety of their employees and customers.

Monitoring people through cameras is a tedious process and prone to human errors with no real-time action being taken.

Augle A.I.’s face recognition software detects, identifies and verifies faces to improve customer service and surveillance.  

It accurately detects intruders and potential miscreants leaving no room for error. 

  • Emotion Recognition: It maps real time facial expressions and recognizes emotions such as sadness, joy, fear with the image processing software.

  • Demographic mapping: It determines the age and gender of people so that you can send targeted advertising messages to your customers.

  • Track Attendance: With our face recognition software you can easily track the attendance of your students.

  • Threat Detection: It identifies potential miscreants or threats and sends automated real time alerts to security professionals.

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