Customer Analytics

Customer analytics humanizes retail. It mines data for actionable insights to deliver optimal customer experiences.

The process of using traditional analytics to mine customer insights across each unique customer journey is slow and laborious.

AugleA.I.’s customer analytics delivers personalized, smart, and efficient customer experiences. The powerful insights helps your business discover new marketing opportunities.

Assess individual customer’s inventory, behaviour, needs to deliver products that they want.

  • Customer acquisition: Facial recognition technology identifies different demographics to help you make informed strategic decisions.

  • Customer retention: Instil brand loyalty by treating customers as individuals and convert occasional shoppers into regular customers.

  • Customer engagement: Understand your customers better by tracking their shopping patterns, increase engagement and boost sales through data-driven decision making. 

  • Predictive personalization:  Maximize the impact of your marketing messages through intelligent prediction and customization so that your customers feel every brand, product, and experience is tailored for them.

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