Crowd Analytics

Intelligently manage businesses based on facts, not guesswork using crowd insights.

Where are your customers coming from? What is their dwell time? Where do they go to next?

Augle A.I.’s crowd analytics helps you to make intelligent business decisions by measuring movement density and analyzing the behavior of potential customers.

It helps to address the problem of low customer footfalls by driving more customers into your stores.

The insights will optimize sales and marketing activity to drive business growth and increase profitability by analyzing the movement of people through time.

  • Crowd count: Detects and counts the density of people in an area and sends real-time alerts for overcrowding. This helps in infrastructure optimization and predicting potential stampede situations.

  • Crowd flux: In a particular area, it estimates the number of individuals in a crowd.

  • Crowd dispersion: Detects sudden random movement in a crowd and sends real-time abnormal behavior warning alerts by identifying potential security threats.

  • Demographic mapping: Determines the age and gender of people in a crowd and uses this data to make your marketing efforts more targeted, personalized and effective.

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