Our mission is simple

To optimize tedious business processes through automated solutions.

Why Augle A.I.

We are a young team who are working to offer automated solutions for a smarter future, one algorithm at a time. We craft the customer experiences of tomorrow for diverse industries, and curate solutions to suit each unique business problem.


Computer vision will change the way the world works by automating manual processes which are tedious, slow and error-prone.


We understand the importance of accuracy for you, therefore we strive to deliver the best possible accuracy in all our products


We empower industries with our real time, actionable insights to help maximize their ROI and reduce errors.

Our Team

Alok Bishoyi

Chief Technology Pundit
Alok leads the technology & product development teams. He is a huge American Football Fan.

Hrushikesh Bodas

Backend Ninja
Hrushikesh is responsible for Backend Management & Development. He strives to push his code to the master.

Mohd Safwan

Computer Vision Assassin
Safwan is responsible for Computer Vision Algorithms Development. He likes long walks and longer naps.

Owais Chunawala

Chief Everything Officer
Owais is responsible for strategic & business operations. He is still waiting for his acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

Saksham Khandelwal

Computer Vision Assassin
Saksham is responsible for Computer Vision Algorithms Development. He likes jazz, poker, beer & everything cooler.

Tejendhu Mouli

Tinkerer In Chief
Tejendhu looks after all the operations & hardware requirements. He works on jet engines in his free time.

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To explore the exciting applications of computer vision that work beyond the limitations of the human eye.